7x Purple Amethyst pendant


‘OXO Oxygen’ Collection by Royal Jungles.

Fine jewellery original design pendant

Sterling silver 95%! (even higher quality than standard 92.5% silver)

Gemstones: Purple Amethyst (AAA standard – top quality)

Height: 10mm (including a hook for a chain) / 6mm main body

Length: 70mm

Gemstones and materials are tested and certified by international ISO laboratories.

Pendant is hand made. All gemstones are hand picked, authentic.

Nickel plated for long-lasting bright white shine.


7x Purple Amethyst pendant is part of the ‘Oxo Oxygen’ collection.

‘Oxo Oxygen’ collection of pendants is a homage to oxygen, space and light. It is expressed through minimal graphic design made of sterling silver and genuine multi color gemstones. This collection serves body, soul and mind in maintaining and rebuilding the energy and vitality.

Living a fast paced urban life it is essential to have moments to de-stress, slow down and take deep breaths in order to keep the body, mind and soul always refreshed and keep the vital energy circulating, just like oxygen circulates in our bodies. The main body of the pendant is clearly structured reminding of mini architecture and the multi color gemstones represent the diverse elements of nature. These two are the main inspiration elements all through out the fine jewellery designs of Royal Jungles.

‘Oxo Oxygen’ pendants are made of 95% (even higher than standard 92,5  %) silver quality and a special technique of seating of the gemstones to allow them to adopt and pass through as much light as imaginable, to symbolize the thriving and blooming.

All of the gemstones are carefully hand picked, well cut and polished. All of them are organic, natural, authentic, not treated and not mix with any materials of synthetic origin.

Pendants are nickel multi-layered to gain the significantly white shade of silver, maintain the long lasting fresh shine of silver to reflect well and complement all skin complexions.

Gemstones and materials are tested and certified by international ISO laboratories.


Royal Jungles and friends of Royal Jungles love and appreciate the craftmanship of unique, hand made, rare designs and even hand picked gemstones to complement the state of the art pieces of fine jewellery. With craftsmanship of hand making process of all of our pieces inevitably there might be minor design differences / flaws, which just make every item that you order one and only. Thanks for choosing something that does not have even one identical copy in the entire world 🙂

Shipping might take between 7-21 days depending on availability of items in stock or needs to be produced especially for your order as well as on a destination of shipping.


All of our fine jewellery items are hand made by craft-men. Please kindly allow overall time line flexibility for the item to reach you.

If there’s an urgency or strict time period within which the order is required to reach the destination, please kindly leave that information in the notes during the ordering process or give us a shout out about it to royaljungles101@gmail.com . We will do our best to respond you within 24 hours at latest and accommodate the best possible option available.

Additional information

Dimensions 7 × 0.6 cm