Royal Jungles – fine jewelry design house.

Botanical fine jewellery inspired by nature and architecture.

Imagined in Switzerland by global Lithuanian.

Among the vast diversity of gemstones used in the jewellery collections, the favorite gemstone of Royal Jungles is salt and pepper diamond. Royal Jungles adores roughness and shades of such diamonds. It gives more authentic, more personal, more edgy yet more sophisticated feel to all pieces of fine jewellery. These are the reasons why Royal Jungles is one of the pioneering fine jewellery designer brands to explore salt and pepper diamonds extensively in new designs and be known specifically for it globally.

All materials used in jewellery are high quality. All gemstones are hand picked and every single piece of fine jewellery is a craft of a hand work. All jewellery is tested and certified by international ISO laboratories.

Slow living is one of the main pillars of the philosophy behind Royal Jungles. In a fast paced world, there’s nothing more precious, than being able to slow down, savor the moment, smell the roses and take deep breaths in and out. A chance to enjoy experiencing life with no rush is today’s ultimate luxury. Royal Jungles jewellery is a perfect miniature reminder to never forget to slow down and enjoy the beautiful life.

The ROYAL JUNGLES fine jewellery – small, refined, exclusive symbols of nature always with you to keep you grounded, peaceful, positive, full of light, full of love. Hence the slogan

For the love of glorious life

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